The Marian Missionary Sisters of the Poor is a new Congregation established to respond to the growing unmet needs of serving and working with the poor, socially excluded, victimised and lonely children and young people in the world. The charism of the congregation was born out of contemplation of Christ’s invitation to listen to what events tell us and read the “signs of the times.” , and His teaching: “I was hungry and you gave me food” (Mt. 25:35-40).  The congregation’s focus is to offer a new start to our clients, promote equal opportunities, offer our clients challenging educational, behavioural and other projects to enable them to maximise their potential.

Our members aspire to live the community life of prayer in accordance with our constitutions and the holy gospel. There is a component of services to humanity which is an aspect of our apostolate and members work hard to support the objectives of our charity and in partnership with relevant referring agencies such as schools, Social Services, Inclusive Education team, Refugee Support team, and other voluntary organisations, that refer targeted disaffected and hard to reach vulnerable and disabled children and young people to us.


To bear witness to Christ’s mission of doing good to people and always doing the will of the Father. (cf: Can. 577) To respond to the growing unmet needs of assisting the poor, socially excluded, victimised and lonely in the world. This was born out of contemplation of Christ’s invitation  to listen to what events tell us and read the “signs of the times.” And his teaching: “…I was hungry and you gave me food… (Mt. 25:35-40)  Our charism is “Compassion, love and active service to the poor and needy”, a selfless love motivated by the life of Christ:  “… but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head.” (Mt. 8:20) and the life of our Blessed Mother Mary: “They have no wine… Do whatever he tells you.” (Jn. 2: 3 – 6)

  • In bearing witness to Christ’s mission, members should live as people who are on the cutting edge, being compassionate, understanding, forgiving and caring, rather than as people who are set up to maintain educational and medical Institutions of society. “Be compassionate …” (Lk. 6: 36-38)
  • The corporate identity of the congregation is based on the above corporate mission.  Hence, the identifying mark of each member should tie in with the corporate mission.
  • The charism of the congregation requires members to respond to new needs and unmet concerns in our changing world in line with the Gospel message.


 The purpose of  the  congregation  is  for  members to seek  perfection  through their consecrated  life  by  following  “Christ  more  closely  as He  prays,  announces  the  Kingdom of God, performs  good works for people,  shares His life with them in the  world, and yet always does  the will  of the Father” (cf: Can. 577).    Members are to seek  perfection  through life dedicated  to the apostolic  ministries of  spreading  the gospel message through their exemplary  lives, catechesis for the propagation of  the  catholic  faith  and charitable works geared towards the alleviation of abject poverty, pain and  suffering amongst the needy and  under-privileged of society.

Motivated by the love of God, whose authority they experience as profoundly benevolent,  members should be compassionate and able to engage reflexively in the lives of others disregarding the discomfort of the immediate needs of the poor. They should strive to alleviate the sufferings of others without the barriers of fear with an immediacy born out of trust and benevolence.  In helping the poor, they should neither be imposing nor avoidant, but selfless, compassionate and gentle.

  • Their practical charity should take the form of:
  • Feeding the hungry in a manner set out by the Regional Superior and
  • their Council
  • Offering accommodation and scholarships to indigent, street and orphaned children of the third world countries
  • Offering catechesis on Catholic doctrines and Bible studies to both children and adults Catholics or those wishing to embrace the faith of their own free will
  • Counselling and supporting disaffected, vulnerable and socially excluded children, young people and their families.
  • Offering care and support to disabled children and young people
  • Visiting the sick or lonely and offering some care and service where possible
  • They should avoid the lukewarmness which cripples the spiritual strength, for when weakened, the evangelical essence of their work mission is impoverished and replaced by human essence. They should try to keep ablaze their enthusiasm to visit the sick, lonely and destitute as well as the faith to offer material help as a community.


The Marian Mission for the Poor is a registered Charity that aims towards the development and provision of a range of meaningful quality services to meet the growing spiritual, emotional, social and educational needs of disabled, socially excluded children and young people.

 We support disaffected children and those with learning and physical disabilities, mothers in need of childcare and families in crisis, including domestic violence as well as children in care, or those from separated or divorced parents in need of supervised contacts. The apostolate is grounded in Catholic Principles and the spirit of Ecumenism and Social Inclusion.  It is enriched by the cultural and religious diversity of its surrounding communities.  We seek to develop an all-embracing inclusive community that enhances individual spiritual, social, academic and cultural development in the light of the principles of social inclusion and integration.

We always aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment that is well ordered and disciplined, giving room for collaboration and co-operation, reflecting the mutual trust and respect encouraged between everyone, both children and adults in the Centre. We also promote the principles of equal opportunities for all, as we support individuals to develop their full potentials.