The Marian Mission provides education and family support to young people and families in need. From many years of this charitable experience we give you the following list of areas of donations that will support our activities and the people who benefit from them. As you can see, we will accept material, financial or timed effort support that falls within any of the category listed in the following table.

Description Needs/Use Arrangement
Financial resources To expand the work of the organisation and to pay staff wages. To pay for equipment and support services Donations can be made by cash at the Centre or by cheques made payable to: “Marian Mission for the Poor” All money donated must be used for the agreed purpose.
Transportation To take kids/young people on educational and recreational trips and to pick children to and from schools. Any donated vehicle must be in relatively good condition, must be suited for the purpose of transporting young people, and must pass health & Safety checks.
Equipment Chairs, Tables, Printers, Computers with Internet Connectivity and Educational software systems, Books and so on. Equipment must be in reasonable working condition, must first be inspected by one of our board member who will serve as the main contact person with the donor.
Recreation/Games equipment Table tennis, hula hoops, snooker tables, board games, basket balls, footballs etc. These equipment must be in reasonable condition so that they can be of use to the children over reasonable time.

To make a donation, please contact us by any of the following means or send us a text message using the text box near the end of this page.

Our office address is:
1 Colchester Road
London E10 6HA
United Kingdom