The Marian Missionary Sisters of the Poor was founded by Mother Maria Chioma Emeagi on the 29th of December 2000, on the feast of the Holy Family. Later, Rev. Fr. Dr. Augustine Uzoma Ihedinma, who shared the same aspirations, joined the foundation as a Co-founder of the congregation. Our Lord Jesus Christ invited us to listen to what events tell us and read the “ signs of the times” ( Vat. 11). Realising the inter-relationship between spiritual renewal and social justice, she sought further to grasp the radicality of the contemporary crisis in these areas of spiritual renewal and social justice.

The inspiration of Mother Maria to serve God more closely in the poor stems from her personal experience of excruciating pain from myocarditis and spinal injury, the witness of other peoples’ pain as a result of abject poverty and the witness of the killing of a poor 9 year old street hawker by a reckless taxi driver in Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria . The urge to play an active role in alleviating various forms of pain and suffering of the poor and less privileged of society was suppressed for two years.

During this time, she prayed for strength and God’s guidance until it became clear to her that the mission could not be fulfilled by herself alone. Since the mode of our apostolate will effect serious changes that could affect the charism of her existing Religious Congregation, it became imperative to make her inspiration known to others to pave the way for potential members who share the same aspiration.

As God would have it, by the 29th of December 2000, she had the first meeting with four potential aspirants, who wanted to share in her vision. God had started His work and we are just tools in his hands to be used as He pleases. Our unique expressions of the prophetic witness to the Gospel message will be found in our commitment to the poor.

Our focus is: “To serve the poor and needy for the love of God.”

The Marian Missionary Sisters of the Poor is a new Congregation established to respond to the growing unmet needs of serving and working with the poor, socially excluded, victimised and lonely children and young people in the world. The charism of the congregation was born out of contemplation of Christ’s invitation to listen to what events tell us and read the “signs of the times.” , and His teaching: “I was hungry and you gave me food” (Mt. 25:35-40). The congregation’s focus is to offer a new start to our clients, promote equal opportunities, offer our clients challenging educational, behavioural and other projects to enable them to maximise their potential.

Our members aspire to live the community life of prayer in accordance with our constitutions and the holy gospel. There is a component of services to humanity which is an aspect of our apostolate and members work hard to support the objectives of our charity and in partnership with relevant referring agencies such as schools, Social Services, Inclusive Education team, Refugee Support team, and other voluntary organisations, that refer targeted disaffected and hard to reach vulnerable and disabled children and young people to us.