• The Marian Mission for the Poor aims towards the development and provision of a range of meaningful quality services to meet the growing spiritual, emotional, social and educational needs of all children and young people, particularly those who are socially excluded or are from disadvantaged families of low income/single parent or who have learning and physical disabilities. We aim to provide top quality childcare services and education. We intend to work hard to address the social challenges and issues that still face some disadvantaged families in our local communities.
  • The Marian Mission Educational and Family Support Centre exists to further its mission in the London area by enabling children and young people explore their environment, increase the opportunity for them to maximise their potentials and develop socially, academically, morally and spiritually as they grow.
  • Our services are enriched by the cultural diversity of its surrounding communities. We aim to offer first-class services that are responsive to the needs of the children and young people who are entrusted to our care.
  • Our philosophy is grounded in Catholic Principles and the spirit of Ecumenism and Social Inclusion. It is enriched by the cultural and religious diversity of the surrounding communities.  We seek to promote community cohesion by developing an all-embracing inclusive community that enhances individual spiritual, social, academic and cultural development in the light of the principles of social inclusion and integration.
  • We believe children and young people need a warm supportive environment in which to learn and grow. Our Centre offers high quality education and support designed to meet the needs of each pupil and young person.  Our services facilitate progression for learners and provide them with the opportunity to achieve academic success while meeting the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs of each child or young person as an individual. We also offer an environment that fosters high levels of self-esteem, confidence, and social skills.
  • We aim to foster Catholic ethos as we provide a warm and welcoming environment that is well ordered and disciplined, giving room for collaboration and co-operation, reflecting the mutual trust and respect encouraged between everyone, both children and adults in the Centre. We also aim to promote the principles of equal opportunities for all, as we support individuals to develop their full potentials.