We provide support workers with the appropriate training and skills to work in the children’s homes.

Our services are entirely independent, impartial and cost effective, offering safe and effective solution to social workers, parents and children. We:

  • Ensure the safety of children during contact visits.
  • Provide a safe, accessible and stimulating environment where parents and children (including non-resident parents and other member of their families) are encouraged to re-establish, develop and enjoy their relationships.
  • Seek to enhance parenting skills and the quality of family relationships.
  • Encourage and support parents, when it is appropriate and safe to do so, to take responsibility for their own future family contact arrangements.
  • Access family support services to further assist families referred for supervised contact
  • Provide high quality and timely reports for courts as required.
  • Provide comprehensive child and family assessments.
  • Tailor our services to meet more complex needs.